Paul S. Jacobs - "Jake"
Dr. Paul S. Jacobs founded Jake Technologies after his experience leading several companies through the emergence of the internet.    A computer scientist trained in artificial intelligence, Paul served as CEO of IsoQuest, vice president of e-commerce for SRA International, president of AnswerLogic, and chief technology officer of Primus Knowledge Solutions.  He helped create, position, and launch new products and business offerings, as he leveraged his deep technical background and business acumen.

Paul Jacobs started his career with nine years with General Electric Corporate R&D, where he excelled as a computer scientist and learned the art of technology transfer.    He authored over 50 published articles in artificial intelligence and natural language processing while working to create applications with GE businesses such as aircraft engines, aerospace, financial services (now GE Capital), and information services.   He holds two U.S. patents.   He is known as a leader in applied artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology, and has served on the executive committee of the Association for Computational Linguistics.    During his time with GE, he also served as a principal investigator under the government's Tipster program, which earned a "hammer" award for reinventing government.

Since becoming a consultant, Paul has remained active in technology, policy, and service.   He is an adjunct lecturer at the iSchool of the University of Maryland at College Park (, where he teaches Information Architecture and gave the 2008 commencement address.   He serves as a member of the USACM, the policy committee of the Association for Computing Machinery, as well as on its intellectual property subcommittee.    Paul recently joined the Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC), a team of nine experts appointed by the Secretary of Commerce to advise on the management of patent operations.

Paul earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in applied mathematics from Harvard and his Ph. D. in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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An accomplished runner, skier, and endurance athlete who twice won the Golden Gate Marathon and has competed in triathlons, including the famous Hawaii Ironman, Paul now uses his drive, practical nature and technical expertise to help other organizations achieve the kind of success he has enjoyed with technology transfer throughout his career.