About Us

Jake Technologies focuses on technology services and consulting for exploiting the internet:   artificial intelligence, customer relationship management, search engines, and electronic commerce.   We have provided expert services in these areas since 2002.

As the technologies of the internet quickly unfolded between 1996 and 2000, many organizations were driven by fear - the fear of "missing the boat" or of falling behind the competition in capitalizing on new technology.

Now most organizations are driven by a different fear - that of wasting resources in a difficult business climate, of being too ambitious in deploying technologies that are not simply not ready or not worth the effort, and of not being able to turn technology into a real business benefit.

We work with our clients to achieve the right balance:   You have to embrace innovation, because there really are opportunities out there to exploit technology for tremendous business gain.    But, at the same time, you have to steer clear of the hype, be frugal, make practical choices, and fit technology into the context in which your organization conducts itself.

We particularly emphasize key business drivers like improving the customer experience on the web site, deflecting business from traditional channels to the web, and improving service in the contact center.    We help companies to achieve these business objectives with the technologies in which we're expert - especially artificial intelligence, natural language processing, spoken language systems, and customer relationship management.

Get in touch with us today. Based in Washington DC, we serve customers throughout the eastern U.S. and across the continent.

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