Paul Jacobs

                  Software Intellectual Property Consultant

Paul Jacobs has served as an expert legal consultant and qualified expert witness in a variety of software cases, particularly patent litigation and other intellectual property matters.   Advanced degrees from Harvard and Berkeley, along with decades of research and industry experience, give him outstanding technical credentials, while a decade of experience working with law firms and others on IP issues gives him detailed knowledge and skill in the intricacies of patents.

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He was recently sworn in to the Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC), a team of nine members who are appointed by the Secretary of Commerce to advise the Secretary and the Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property (also Director of the USPTO) on the management of patent and trademark operations.

He has extensive experience in patent review, prior art, invalidity contentions and defense, claims construction, and related matters.   He presents a clear, credible and convincing expert in court and depositions, and is capable in analysis ranging from high-level review to source code forensics.

Clients choose Paul Jacobs because of his unusual combination of outstanding academic and industry background with a talent for communication and focus in the complex and highly technical environment of software-related litigation.

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